Transmissions of Memory: Echoes, Traumas and Nostalgia in Post-World War II Italian Culture

“… each of the well-researched, interdisciplinary chapters presents clear arguments as well as a variety of perspectives. Consequently, academics in various fields in the humanities and social sciences will find something of interest in its pages. … it is a valuable contribution to academic literature on various interdisciplinary topics in areas such as cultural memory, trauma, and nostalgia.” (Eric Martone, Modern Italy)

“Transmissions of Memory is an insightful collection of essays concerned with cultural memory … The editor’s introduction provides a helpful summary as well as excellent criticism about each topic. … I highly recommend Transmissions of Memory in order to remember!” (Katja Liimatta, Annali d’Italianistica)

“This attention-worthy volume revolves around memory in history, in fiction, in culture …

enhanced by a rich and impressive critical corpus of studies on memory, … each chapter expertly articulates how History is more than a sum of its composite histories/stories. Under the capable charge of the editor, Patrizia Sambuco, the volume never resorts to the maudlin or emotional. Instead, each of the chapters ask us to consider how the ripple effect of the stories elucidated and critiqued continue to influence Italian socio-political and cultural attitudes today.” (Anne Urbancic, Quaderni d’Italianistica)

Transmissions of Memory: Echoes, Traumas, and Nostalgia in Post–World War II Italian Culture deals with films, poetry, fiction, architecture, autobiographical writing, and social media, to discuss cultural memory and hence, transforming cultures. The book is divided into three sections that analyze Italian culture from World War II to the present: cultural transmissions, fractured memories, and nostalgia. Through a variety of perspectives, the chapters present a vision of memory transmission that emphasises empowerment, resilience, and agency—individual or collective—as key concepts for approaching and understanding present and future.

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